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Fiber Optic Distributed Temperature Sensing System for LNG Tank Monitoring

Fiber optic Distributed Temperature sensing (DTS) technology is recommended for spillage detection in LNG facilities in section 13.4 of EN 1473:2007-06. With our optical sensing probes our system is non-corrosive and intrinsically safe. It accurately measures the temperature over long distances every minute, and is suitable for operation in cryogenic conditions.

We offer the best measurement performance with no drift, a low-power laser for safe use, a long product life (MTBF is 33 years) and sensor cables to fit your needs (operating ranges from -196 °C to +300 °C). Our sophisticated SmartVision™ software features asset visualization and alarm management with a central database and reporting and analysis capabilities.

Fiber optic distributed optical sensing is uniquely suited to a variety of monitoring tasks within an LNG facility, including:

  • Cool-down monitoring on the jetty
  • Leakage detection in liquefaction and process areas
  • Leakage monitoring in the tank annulus
  • Monitoring of the spill containment area
  • Base slab monitoring