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Fire detection along coal transporting conveyor belts is challenging. The environment is extremely harsh, with dust and mechanical vibrations and the plant`s conveyors infrastructure is several kilometres long. A fire would cause downtime for the entire plant which is extremely costly to the operating company.

DTS System permanently monitor the entire conveyor belt and coal bunker infrastructure within the power plant and the software interfaces enabled easy integration in the central control room.



  • Detects, locates and monitors fires or stationary heat buildup of conveyor systems and materials
  • Continuous linear fire and heat detection up to 16km – no gaps in coverage
  • Configurable simultaneous adaptive, rate of change, and fixed temperature alarms on up to 256 zones ensure optimum sensitivity
  • Passive (no power required), robust, maintenance free sensor cables
  • Ex approval (optional)
  • Easy to install and integrate into existing SCADA or Fire Panel systems


The detector is a sensitive optical sensor designed to detect, in the presence of ambient light, the radiant energy emitted by burning or glowing embers being transported on conveyor belts. Conveyor belts move material from one process to the next and the ember detectors are used to detect embers or fires moving on the conveyor before they reach the subsequent processing machinery or storage hoppers.

  • 80 ms response time.
  • User adjustable sensitivity range of 10 to 50 μW/cm2.
  • NEMA 4 rated enclosure for indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Simple mounting flange makes it easy to install and clean detectors.
  • Optional air-purge mounting flange and compressor to aid lens maintenance.
  • Flexible output options can be combined to meet application.


  • 3, 4 or 6 Wire Interface
  • Dry Contacts or 24 VDC
  • Latching or 1 Second Pulse
  • Internal EOL Options (Dry Contacts Only)
  • CE Approved