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Venturi measurements usually control dampers to a fixed set point. Therefore the venturi measurement indicates this set point during normal operation. Any deviations of inaccuracies therefore can not be observed from the measurement value itself, because it indicates the desired value. The damper curves usually do not allow the detection of deviations of the venture measurement. But they often are not plausible(see picture) Since the O2 control loop usually corrects the deviations caused by a faulty air flow measurement, the problem can not therefore be detected by a flue gas O2 monitor.

This problem causes loss in efficiency as well as unnecessary damper wear!!

Flue Gas Profile at SCR –INLET

SCR systems is a multi-point gas flow measurement grid for measuring the gas flow profile over the SCR spray nozzle. The imbalance flow profile leads to the waste of NH3 and ammonium bisulphate which will lead to serious air heater clogging and heat loss problem. Promecon Make gas flow measurement will also allow to lower ID fan Power consumption and balance the flue gas flow through the electric precipitators.

McON Air Portable

McON Air Portable provides you the same robust, drift and calibration free measurement like McON Air but as mobile device. Take the complete set for measuring hot and dusty flows of process gas with you, even on an aircraft. Find out in any plant, what the gas flows are. This device gives you a mobile tool option as well as a long term recording tool.

Advantages & Benefits:

  • The full advantage of the measurement principle of McON air (see above)
  • Rugged and portable cases for mobile use
  • Plug and play installation at the client: install the sensors and see instantaneous result (in m/s of ft/sec)
  • Sensors with different length for different duct or pipe size
  • SD Card for data logging in CSV format: check the flows over weeks
  • An additional 4-20mA output so you can connect right to the plant DCS
  • A tool developed with professionals from the industry