Unburnt Carbon in Fly Ash

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Your Complete Fly ash Assessment Online.

The MECONTROL UBC system continuously measures the content of unburnt carbon in fly ash as the main combustion quality control parameter. The patented system works in-situ, without complicated sampling and for most robust and lowest maintenance requirements. The system is available in different configurations e.g. enhanced accuracy version to suit your application.

Advantages & Benefits:

  • No sampling
  • No pneumatic transport
  • High availability
  • Simple mechanical design
  • No grind size separation due to sampling
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • High accuracy

Unburned Carbon Ash in Fly ASH 

The measuring system has a high accuracy in a broad measuring range and is independent of variations in coal type. It provides an ideal tool to monitor the quality of fly ash in order to maximize fly ash sales and minimize disposal as well.