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The solution chosen to provide quick and reliable fire detection along cable galleries at various thermal power plant, Switch Yards and process based industry. The controller is located in safe distance from the cable gallery; only the passive optical sensor is exposed to the hazardous area along the cable gallery  The sensor cable is installed in a closed loop (dual ended) , ensuring the complete redundant coverage in case of fiber break.

Metal free (Passive) Sensor cable is designed for continuous measurement from -40 to +85◦C is optimally suited for outdoor applications with large temperature differential between summer and winter.

Advantages during normal operation:

  • Resistance against dirt and dust
  • Immunity against interference fields (energy cable)
  • Can be used in areas that are difficult to access (cable is maintenance-free)
  • Stable, simple installation
  • Long measurement range

Advantages in hazardous situations:

  • Earliest possible detection
  • Pin-point alarm localisation enables targeted intervention