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Power Cable Monitoring solution includes a unique fiber optic Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) system and a management application that contains sophisticated dynamic cable rating (DCR / RTTR) modelling software. Together they build an intelligent solution to monitor and protect your power cable infrastructure.

DTS power cable management solution combines all of these

  • Distributed Temperature Monitoring
  • Asset Visualization
  • Alarm Management
  • Central Database
  • Reporting & Analysis Functions
  • Real Time Thermal Rating

Capabilities in one fully integrated solution package. It automatically detects hotspot locations, provides alarms if critical limits are exceeded, and produces a temperature profile report. All data is stored in a central database and are available for reporting and analysis.

Real time temperature data along the entire power circuit…fiber optic Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) system
Efficient temperature monitoring of multiple power circuits…DTS system supports multiple long reach channels (up to 12km) on a single instrument.
…Integrated management solution
EMC immunity…passive fiber optic cable temperature sensor
Asset protection…fully flexible definition of sections along the cable route – each section can have individually assigned temperature alarm levels
Reporting & analysis capabilities…storage of all trace data in a central database
Prognosis of the conductor temperature based on cable surface temperature and load- minimize risk and uncertainty…integration of a RTTR rating engine
Easy integration into overall management platform…standard interfaces and protocols