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IR inspection cameras provide superior online visibility and temperature analysis. The cameras use infrared imaging to provide instantaneous surface-temperature information within high-temperature, particle-laden environments. The camera is able to see through obscuring fume and gas, allowing monitoring of developments anywhere in the combustion chamber. This superior image quality and depth of view enables comprehensive observation and analysis at full load.

Easily transportable and able to see through fume, the camera can be used to observe anywhere in the furnace and convection pass.

Proven benefits for Pulp & paper include:

  • Smelt bed condition monitoring: blackouts and safety
  • Pluggage and deposit buildup control
  • Large deposit growth control
  • Furnace damage minimization
  • Sootblower performance monitoring
  • Equipment inspection
  • Tube integrity verification
  • Black liquor gun monitoring


To deliver safer system with stringent testing and ultimately safes lives and assets from fire. A TRUE fire survivalwhilst continuing to safely carry a load in temperatures in excess of 1000°C

Mineral Insulated Cable is totally Inorganic and Silicone free in construction. The main construction consists of solid copper conductors (cores), highly compressed powdered magnesium oxide insulation (MgO) and a solid copper sheath. This unique construction gives melting points of 1083°C and 2800°C for the copper and insulation respectively. This provides fire survival.

The quality and reliability of our mineral insulated cables meet and exceed British,European and Australian standards and maintain certifications from BRE-LPCB, Warrington Fire Research Centre and London Underground with our termination glands and seals approved by SIRA-ATEX EExd.

10 minutes?

All soft skin competitor ‘fire resistant’ cable we’ve tested fail after just 10 minutes when exposed to temperatures of 850C. (This is the testing temperature of BS EN 50200 pH120 Enhanced) which requires 2 hours fire resistance. Soft skin cables also release toxic gases and in many cases add fuel to the fire – they burn!

3 hours at 950C

Our MICC cable easily withstands temperatures exceeding 850C for hours right up to the melting point of copper (1083C) and its composition means there is NOTHING to burn!