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Ensuring pipeline integrity, immediate leakage detection and risk mitigation

GUARDIAN solution provides the capabilities to monitor the entire downstream process 24/7. GUARDIAN is an integrated fusion of sensing hardware, detection algorithms plus presentation and interface software.

Multiple technologies combine to provide multiple benefits, such as leakage detection, flow assurance and third-party interference (TPI) — while minimizing false alarms and maximizing detection probability.

Our GUARDIAN solution detects even pin-hole leaks and delivers alarms quickly, while locating the event to within a few meters of its position. TPI events can be identified and classified in real time to raise an alarm only if the event is a threat to your infrastructure.

By enabling the process control of active heating pipelines flow assurance is maintained, which also optimizes energy usage.


GUARDIAN solution converts a standard optical fiber into a continuous multi-parameter sensor. Based on your project requirements the ideal combination of technologies will be applied:

  • Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS), which identifies thermal anomalies such as the cooling effect of an escaping gas, or to manage an active heating process in a sulfur pipeline, for example.
  • Distributed Acoustic Sensing / Distributed Vibration Sensing (DAS / DVS), which detects energies associated with defined third party activities, whether accidental or deliberate, such as digging close to a pipeline.
  • Information from various sensors are presented and intelligently combined using our SmartVision™ software suite. More knowledge means improved analyses.