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  • MillMaster controls closed grinding circuits — fully automated
  • If required, without operator, comparable to an ‘auto-pilot’
  • One system-PC is able to operate up to 4 mills
  • Increasing facility’s availability by preventing overfilling and similar failures


MillMaster can be integrated into every automation system —it is simply plugged in via a standard OPC interface. With your previous control system on standby you can switch to it at any time.

The new “auto adaptive” mechanism automatically and independently determines and adjusts the ideal filling level to always ensure optimal mill operation.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Unattended operation (‘auto-pilot’)
  • Auto adjustment (adaptivity)
  • Ready-to-use modules
  • Fully automatic (consistency)
  • Up to 4 mills (per system-PC)
  • Fast commissioning
  • Return of investment in less than 1 year
  • Low investment costs
  • Slow start up time (more than 3h)
  • Unstable process
  • Levels vary heavily
  • High wear of balls and liners
  • Inhomogeneous quality
  • Fast start up time (approx. 30min)
  • Stable process
  • Fast reaction on interrupts
  • Less wear of ball and liners
  • Homogeneous quality
  • Increased production

The Mill Master combines all relevant parameters in one multivariable system and enables a much more precise control.

Additional features:

  • Automatic
  • Start up
  • Shut down
  • Change of cement type
  • Emergency recover