Power Cable Monitoring-220 KV, 1000 Sq.mm, DTL, New Delhi

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Delhi Transco Limited (DTL), New Delhi India
220 KV, 1000 Sq.mm Power Cable Monitoring

In June 2016, a new 220 KV Underground EHV Cable Monitoring project was executed by TECHFAB Systems (AP Sensing’s local partner in India), DTL and KEI has selected AP Sensing make DTS system to monitor the underground 1000 Sq.mm EHV cable in Vasant Kunj substation Delhi.

Distributed Temperature Sensing system continuously monitors the sheath and conductor temperature of EHV Cable starting from Vasant Kunj 220 KV Substation to R.K. Puram 220 KV Substation. The installation has 2 double circuit lines and each circuit is independently monitored for condition and ampacity calculations.

The solution is provided with specially designed LIU’s to provide immediate redundant connection/change over to spare fiber cores (5 spare fibers per cable/phase are provided).

Smart Vision Software provides an easy to see graphical thermal profile and logs all temperature traces into an SQL database for post-processing and analysis.